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I DO STORY REQUESTS!!!!!!! :giggle:


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Will You Be My Valentine?
Footsteps echoed through the quiet halls of the small estate. The sound was coming from a single person. His bright blond hair with one curl that frayed loose from the rest of his hair. His features pretty plain, but slightly feminine with glasses. His clothes, a simple hoodie with a maple leaf on it, with blue jeans and sneakers. In his arms a small white bear that he could never remember its name and in turn it never remembered his. The boy was soft-spoken, shy, and passive. His nature wasn't really the aggressive type or the outspoken type. Basically, he was invisible to the rest of the world. His blue eyes moved to the window he was passing. Snow lay outside his house, being a northern country was beautiful. He liked the snow. He pressed forward and walked into his room and set his bear on his bed.
"Who are you?" The bear asked.
The boy turned around and stared at the white bear and sighed.
"I'm Canada."
The boy looked at his calendar and sighed again heavily. February 13th. Tomorr
:iconidemonicguardian:iDemonicGuardian 26 32
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I bascically fav anything that catches my eye and makes me go : OOOh!!!




My name is Adrianne...not really but call me Adry
I am a mental case...not really but that's what I say
I am really weird
Kimi says that she enjoys torturing me...or was it teasing?
I have the worse memory in the history of horrible memories....I even for got my name once...
I am starting to remember things that have never happen...
I hear things that arent there...
I smell the sent of flowers in the odest of places...
I also see things that others dont see...
I think I'm going insane
I'm emo
I fail at life
I love to write and draw
I do story or drawing Requests
I have an older brother and younger sister
I have no best friend anymore
I say that I am GOD (because I am)
Sarah is my 'youngest older daughter'
Maddie is my 'oldest younger daughter'
My Hubby is Ra
PeinIta rules
I still fail at life
Pein Is the smex
If Pein was real I would let him smex me all day long (not rlly but he is sexy...)
My best friend (the old one since I dont have one anymore) called me a whore
I enjoy torturing myself and people
That's bascically me


:iconsasukerageplz: :iconsasgayishappyplz: :iconplzdeidaraishappyplz: :icongaaraishappyplz: :iconnarutoishappyplz: :iconxdfoxplz: :iconkakashiishappyplz: :iconleeishappyplz: :iconakamaruishappyplz: :iconhidanishappyplz: :iconsasukeishappyplz: :iconpoutplz: :iconsheeply: :iconlaughingplz: :iconshockplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconiloveitmoreplz: :iconnosebleedplz: :iconbeggingplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconflickplz: :iconiloveitplz: :iconhurrplz: :iconiwantitplz: :iconraivisplz: :iconchinaaruplz: :iconhongkongplz: :icontinoplz: :iconaussie-plz: :icontaiwan-plz: :iconhre-plz: :iconhanatamagoplz: :iconfrancisplz: :iconcubaplz: :iconukplz: :iconturkiyeplz: :iconaustriaplz: :iconhungaryplz: :iconprussiaplz: :iconsleepygreeceplz: :iconspainplz: :icongermanyplz: :iconkikuplz: :iconromajiplz: :iconromanoplz: :iconitalyplz: :iconpolandplz: :iconlietplz: :iconbraginskiplz: :iconbrothercanadaplz: :iconkoreaanikiplz: :iconshinattyplz: :iconsea-kunplz: :iconswissplz: :iconliechtensteinplz: :iconnataliaplz: :icondanmarkplz: :iconnorgeplz: :iconeduardplz: :iconsexyfranceplz: :iconsexyturkeyplz: :iconsexykoreaplz: :iconsexyspainplz: :iconsexyromanoplz: :iconsexyprussiaplz: :iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexygermanyplz: :iconsexyitalyplz: :iconsexyrussiaplz: :iconsexyjapanplz: :iconcanadagasm: :iconukecanadaplz: :iconjapanposeplz: :iconjapansparklesplz: :iconspainapprovedplz: :iconheroamerica: :iconchibihungaryplz: :iconchibicanadaplz: :iconchibiamericaplz: :iconchibifranceplz: :iconchibiprussiaplz: :iconhreplz: :iconchibispainplz: :iconchibirussiaplz: :iconchibikoreaplz: :iconyaycanadaplz: :iconyayfranceplz: :iconosnapcanadaplz: :iconwtfenglandplz: :iconpervyrussiaplz: :iconcanadaukeplz:



:bulletblue: KisaDeiIta for :iconitasasunaru-chan:
:bulletgreen: PeinHidaIta for :iconitachi80085:
:bulletblue: PeinIta 5 chapters for :iconcyndaquilshoshi:



:bulletred: Wanna Come Back To Konoha?

Summary: Hashirama conviences Madara to come back to Konoha with him.

Censored version:

Uncensored Version:…

:bulletorange: Once In Wal-Mart

Summary: Itachi goes to Wal-Mart for some new clothes with Madara and Sasuke...One thing lead to another...

Censored version: -There is none-

Uncensored version:…

:bulletred: Who's Uke Now?

Summary: Itachi is insensitive to Deidara's pain after having a threesome with Hidan. So he teaches him a lesson with the help of Hidan. *OLD STORY

Censored version:

Uncensored version:…

This is for those who want to read 'em but cant because some ppl r stoopid U_U


*Old Stories will be edited...eventually...


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